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Simple, proven lead generation that brings customers and their friends to your business.
Instead of taking the shotgun approach to reach your customers, let your customers reach you by giving them your business ad card.  Itís like having hundreds of sales agents working for you 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

We put your name and number in your customerís hand.

                           At Classic Card Displays, we use the "Take A Card" system
                                     to revolutionize advertising on a  personal level.

Imagine your new customer has found your contact information on a "Take A Card" ad card, right when they need your product or service.  This person would call you with the most important question, "How soon can you deliver your product or service?.  We also know that his customer may hand this ad card to as many as 4 friends or family members.

"Take A Card" advertising has advantages over many other forms of advertising. It is affordable, unlike radio, cable TV, or billboard advertising, your "Take A Card" ad customer will not have to write down your contact information.  They will have it all in their hand! Your new "Take A Card" customer will keep your ad card with them in their wallet purse.

We achieve all this with our unique displays all over Hampton Roads, in up to 200 locations.  We do it all!  We design, print and distribute your unique business ad cards. All you have to do is answer the phone or check your email.  Once you receive that call or web connection, you are in the driver's seat to grow your business with more "Take A Card" customers.

You already know:
 Take-A-Card = more company exposure = more customers = more business.

Your business will thrive while the competition is just trying to survive.


  Servicing: Virginia Beach, Norfolk,
Portsmouth and the Peninsula


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