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Azalea Inn
Billy's Pizza/Subs
Chen's Garden
Chen's Kitchen
Chenello's  Pizza
China Express
China House
China King
China Town
China Way
Coin Laundry
Dog N Burger
Dragon City
El Gavilan Restaurant
El Rodeo
Golden Dragon
Golden China
Golden City - Tidewater Dr.
Golden City - Hampton Blvd.

Golden City/ Azalea Garden Rd.

Golden City/ Maple Ave.
Kim's Wok
Kin's Wok
Long Bay Seafood
Littlw Creek Diner
Ole Bay Seafood
Papa Grande
Sam's Texas Subs
Speedy's Pho
Super China
Super China
T & T Seafood
T'San Japaese
University Pizza
Wan Saung Chinese
Zero's Subs
Virginia Beach
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